Corporate social responsibility

GVA Grimley Ltd as a member of the international business community recognises its corporate social responsibility commitments in its various roles which include adviser, consultant, agent, employer and consumer. We reflect these commitments through our policies which relate to:

The Environment

Our Environmental Policy demonstrates our commitment to a programme of management, continuous improvement and reporting of our direct and indirect impacts, which marks our contribution to improving the environment in which we live and work.

The Community

Our Sustainability Policy demonstrates our acceptance of our role as a member of the local, national and international communities in which we operate in terms of good corporate citizenship and partnership with those communities. around the world, recognising our responsibility to work in partnership with the communities in which we operate.

The Workforce

Our Human Resources Policies demonstrate our commitment to be an employer of choice and our commitment to ensuring that all our employees work in atmosphere of fairness and integrity and that our commitment to work/life balance allows those employees time to develop personally in their families and in their communities.

Human Rights

Our Human Rights Policy demonstrates our respect for and commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and our aim to seek to be guided by its provisions in the conduct of our business.

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Policy demonstrates our commitment to providing a working environment which is both safe and fit for the intended purpose for all our employees and ensures that health and safety issues are a priority for all our business operations.

Client and Standards of business conduct

Our Quality Assurance Policies demonstrate our commitment to provide our clients with a service hallmarked by integrity, quality and care. We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. We recognise that our business activities have direct and indirect impacts on the societies in which we operate. We endeavour to manage these in a responsible manner, believing that sound and demonstrable performance in relation to corporate social responsibility policies and practices is a fundamental part of business success. We are committed to continuous improvement in our corporate social responsibility programme and encourage those with whom we work to strive for matching performance. Our business units are committed to achievement of our policy objectives and our performance will be periodically reviewed to help us meet our policy goals and we will publish reports regularly.


The purpose of the policy is to make clear to all our stakeholders and employees what we mean by corporate social responsibility and how we propose to work towards achieving it. The policy includes these simple summary statements drawn from fuller policies on those topics, which, in our opinion, constitute corporate social responsibility and a recognition that in relation to our clients each business unit defines its own approach to its marketplace.


The corporate social responsibility policy applies throughout GVA Grimley Ltd and governs our approach to all our activities.
Underlying philosophy
GVA Grimley Ltd believes that a responsible approach to developing relationships between businesses and the communities they serve, global or local, is a vital part of delivering business success. How we interact with the world in which we operate determines our place within it. This statement of corporate social responsibility represents a first step into defining GVA Grimley Ltd’s view and will be developed over time.

Corporate objectives

To provide a reference point to guide employees and stakeholders on the values which drive the conduct of our business and relationships with the world in which we operate.

Corporate principles and practice

GVA Grimley Ltd is committed to demonstrating responsibility in its relationship with the world. All business units will allocate responsibility for dissemination, discussion and the embedding of the principles described in this statement into group culture, and provide regular and timely feedback on progress.


The chief executive has the primary responsibility for the implementation of this policy working through all members of the Board. All stakeholders, particularly employees, will be invited to provide feedback on the nature and operation of the corporate social responsibility statement.

Each of the above policy commitments are owned by individual Directors and/or managers within the Firm, all of whom will monitor performance on a regular basis. The Company Secretary is responsible for co-ordinating the operation of the statement and for reporting on it, via the chief executive, to the Board. The National Business Unit Heads will establish appropriate responsibilities within their business units.