GVA GRIMLEY LLP Environmental policy statement

GVA Grimley is one of the UK’s leading firms of property advisers and provides a full range of property related services including agency, town planning, building consultancy, investment, management and valuation consultancy. We recognise that each stage of the
property cycle can be affected by environmental issues and tat we can directly influence their impact both through our office-based activities and through our professional services.

GVA Grimley regards the diligent consideration of environmental issues to be integral to its provision of property advice. We also recognise our role, in partnership with our clients and other business partners, to pursue positive environmental solutions and contribute to continual environmental improvement within the property sector.

In all areas of our business we are committed to complying with relevant legislation as a minimum standard of performance. Where we can exert a positive influence, we are also committed to preventing pollution, protecting the natural environment, avoiding adverse impacts on local communities and promoting the efficient use of resources.

In order to deliver these commitments we:

  • Ensure that employees are appraised of our minimum professional duties with regards to the environment and provide training, guidance and tools as necessary in support of this.
  • Encourage and assist our employees to enhance, via continuing professional development, their understanding and practical experience of environmental best practice, through formal training, qualifications and membership.
  • Make high quality, accredited environmental expertise available to our clients through our own internal resources and/or specialist advisors, as appropriate.
  • Develop and implement plans to measure and progressively reduce the significant environmental impacts arising from our current and planned office, transport and purchasing activities and monitor our progress.
  • Incorporate into our project management the active engagement of statutory and non- statutory bodies in the pursuit of environmentally acceptable development solutions via early, open and regular dialogue.
  • Form effective communication networks within our business and with clients, suppliers, tenants and others to promote collecting learning and sharing of knowledge about the environment. We monitor and, where we feel it is of value, participate in Government and industry initiatives on the environment.
  • Where necessary, introduce procedures for assessing and managing environmental risks arising from our own and our suppliers’ activities and periodically assess their implementation and effectiveness, through audit.

Our environmental policy has the full support of the Partnership. The Operations Executive is responsible for ensuring that sufficient resources are allocated to deliver our environmental commitments and for periodically reviewing progress towards implementing the policy.

Our policy is available to external parties and is communicated internally to all levels and functions. All GVA Grimley employees are responsible for acting in accordance with this policy.